Hello! I currently have a kickstarter running (until December 10th 2020) for my book fragments, a collection of strange and melancholy fantasy illustrations with accompanying poems. During October 2020, as part of a month-long drawing challenge on instagram, I created a series of ink drawings, each with an accompanying quatrain (four-line poem). My goal was to build a world, geographically and temporally ambiguous, populated by a cast of ghosts and spirits and mysterious creatures (also frogs), alive with magic and curiosity but bathed in the soft, sad glow of autumnal melancholy. This book is the culmination of that project; a collection of dreamlike visions that seem like fragments of some forgotten story. Having spent most of 2020 in some form of lockdown, stuck in a sleeping city, these pieces were also a form of escapism, channelling my yearning for far-off adventures as well as my feelings of isolation and solitude. 

If you could take a look, and maybe consider backing the project, that would be amazing! There are all manner of extras available alongside the book, including prints, pins and original artwork.